TZ’ONOT Restaurant Menus

New Year’s Eve Menu - 2021 to 2022


Maíz y maíz cocktail

Traditional spirit pox, nixta corn liquor, guajillo chili atole and piloncillo syrup


Corn ”Esquite” & bone marrow

Fresh cheese, lime mayo, piquín pepper

Roasted octopus “Gordita”

Cheese curd, pickled onions, roasted tomato sauce


Jackfruit tinga stew, almond cheese, molcajete sauce


Salad from the maize

Corn mezclum, lettuce, cheese curd. Pox and hoja santa reduction

Huitlacoche cream

Corn in textures, grasshopper, epazote oil


Sea bass in polenta crust

Swiss chard, corn purée. Crab Sauce 

Veal cheek in “recado negro”

Local squash salad, creamy grits

Duck in “chileatole”

Long beans, roasted corn, epazote chip

Lentil and quinoa cake

Warm ancestral grain salad, cucumber and tomatoes. Bell pepper adobo


Glass of sparkling wine


Corn bread

Honey ice cream

Mexican chocolate fondant

Read berries and vanilla corn sauce

Price per person 1750 MXN – Price in local currency and includes all taxes

Breakfast Menu

Breakfast Menu

7 Am to 11 Am

All prices are in local currency and  include taxes




Breakfast Included

Unlimited American coffee, tea or 1 expresso, 1 cappuccino, 1 latte.

Orange juice. Bread basket, butter, homemade jam.

One dish from “Appetizers” & one from “Mains” of your choice



Fresh fruit Alea with cottage cheese  160

Natural yogurt with homemade granola  120

Cinnamon rolls or natural croissant baked a la minute  75

Sweet avocado and yogurt smoothie bowl  135

Pear, raspberry, chia and pumpkin seeds, fresh peppermint. Sundried fruit

Muesli  120

Oatmeal, milk, whipped cream, toasted almonds, cranberries, pear in Jamaica juice



Scrambled or fried eggs, omelette  150

Choice of ingredients:

Tomato, onion, ham, bacon, cheese, mushroom. Chaya and refried beans.

Oven baked casserole  160

Spinach, vegetables, Panko crumbs, gorgonzola, bread with fried egg

Chilaquiles from the house  180

Red or green sauce with fried eggs or chicken

Croque madame  130

Brioche filled with turkey ham, Hollandaise sauce, poached egg

Motuleños Alea  140

Fried egg on plantain tortilla, peas, ham, beans, tomato sauce

Papadzules yucatecos  120

Traditional hardboiled egg tacos, seeds, tomato sauce

French toast  100

Toasted french brioche, seasonal fruit, cottage cheese

Hot cakes  130

Oaxaca chocolate flavored, agave néctar and cinnamon scented butter.


House specialties

Oven baked egg on a regional chaya crepe, with asparragus  140

Smoked salmon croissant, panela cheese, green leaves and dill  180

Eggs benedictine  140

Canadian ham, poached egg, hollandaise sauce on English bread

Huitlacoche omelette  140

Lunch Menu

Lunch Menu

11 AM – 6 PM

All prices are in local currency and include taxes


Shrimp aguachile  290

Marinated in smoked clamato and chiltepin pepper, cucumber, onion, avocado, cilantro

Alea ceviche  330

Fish, octopus, and shrimp marinated in citrus juice, red onion, roasted corn, harvest tomatoes, cilantro. Salsa tatemada – charred peppers and tomatoes

“Pescadillas”  190

Fried corn tortilla stuffed with fish tinga. Coleslaw and pepper mayo. Salsa tatemada, pickled habaneros

Guacamole  160

Pico de gallo, tortilla chips

Vegan ceviche  265

Quinoa, pickled cucumber, avocado, mango, pineapple, jalapeño pepper, citrus juice

Tlayuda de Oaxaca  220

Grilled corn tortilla, refried beans, cheese, avocado, radish

Shrimp  290   Grilled beef  270

Tuna tostada  240

Corn tortilla, lime and jalapeño dressing, pickled cucumber, avocado mousse



Add to your salad

Add chicken  40     Shrimp  70

Mexican  230

Cured cactus, tomatoes, fresh cheese, red onion, corn, radish, mixed greens, cilantro, parsley. Dry chili vinaigrette

Green  210

Kale, arugula, baby spinach, green beans, broccoli, avocado, green mango, spring onion. Cilantro and jalapeño dressing

Cesar Tz`onot  190

Romaine lettuce, parmesan cheese, grilled lemon, croutons. Smoked chipotle caesar dressing

Harvest  240

Mixed greens, hibiscus flowers, apple, apricots, figs, peanuts, amaranth, chickpeas. Lemon vinaigrette  



All tacos are served with tatemada, tomatillo and habanero sauces

 Cochinita pibil  240

Suckling pig in axiote, xnipec sauce, black beans, radish

Roasted mushrooms  210  

Corn, carrots, spring onion, avocado

Marinated trout  220

Cucumber, cilantro, jicama, pineapple

Fried coconut shrimp  260

Pico de gallo with mango. Lime mayo  

Yucatan’s crispy pork belly “castacán”  250

Tomato, onion, cilantro, avocado, radish

Beef barbacoa  230

Onion, cilantro, chickpeas


Chilpachole  380

Fish, crab, shrimp and octopus soup

Quesadilla from el comal  190

Corn tortilla, oaxaca cheese, Guacamole, salsa tatemada

Add chicken 230        Add shrimp  260

Shrimp and 3 cheese raviolis  260

Garlic and cream sauce

Poblana fetuccini  190

Poblano pepper sauce, grilled corn, goat cheese

Chicken breast  280

Harvest vegetables, rice. Morita pepper sauce  

Tampiqueña  440

Grilled beef fillet, guacamole, mini quesadilla, refried beans, grilled peppers

Catch of the day in papillote  400

Marinated in adobo, wild rice, harvest vegetables 

Seed crusted tuna  360

Cucumber, tomato, avocado, quinoa herbs salad, jalapeño dressing

Chicken fried steak chapatti  280

Avocado, oaxaca cheese, sweet chipotle pepper, onion. French or sweet potato fries.

Alea burger  320

Angus beef, oaxaca cheese, guacamole, caramelized onions, lettuce, chipotle mayo. French or sweet potato fries

Vegan burger  220

Lentil patty, harvest tomatoes, bean dressing, avocado, onions. French or sweet potato fries


Churros & ice cream  200

Chocolate and coffee sauce

Carlota  200

Citrus cream, butter cookies

Peach bread  210

Grilled peaches, dulce de leche ice cream

Artisan ice cream  210

Milk and rice, dulce de leche, chocolate-cardamom, berries, mango

Fruit ice pops  100

Mango, strawberry, lemon, orange


Dinner Menu

Dinner Menu

6:00 PM – 10:30 PM

All prices are in local currency and include taxes


Steamed pork tamal on hoja santa  190

Green Salsa

Guacamole with chapulines  240

Toasted grasshoppers. Pork rinds

“Canasta” tacos  190

One of each: beans, mole and pressed pork belly. Roasted onions.

Borracha, Green, habanero sauces

Huitlacoche tetela  210

Made of corn, goat cheese, quelites, green sauce

Sea bass, scallop & passion fruit ceviche  320

Mango, red onion, jalapeño oil, cilantro, hominy corn 

White aguachile  310

Fried octopus, coconut sauce, habanero oil, white cucumber, scallion, cilantro

Garden empanadas  300

Pumpkin blossoms stuffed with local curd cheese & “escamoles”. Tomatillo cream

Soft shell crab tacos  220

Fried in black tempura, cucumber, red onion, jalapeño, lime mayonnaise. Corn tortilla

Crispy duck tacos  240

Candied carnitas in orange, tomatillo sauce, cream. Mixed lettuce salad, beans.


Salads & Soups

Country salad  200

Mixed greens, avocado, white cucumber, seasonal tomatoes, curd cheese, seeds.
Hoja santa vinaigrette.

Textures  210

Watercress, baby spinach, goat cheese, candied peanuts, grapefruit, orange, figs. Hibiscus and habanero honey dressing

Cesar Tz’onot  190

Romaine lettuce, parmesan cheese, baked yellow lemon, country bread crotón.  Cesar dressing with smoked chipotle

“Conde” creamy bean soup  180

Guajillo chili, fresh cheese, epazote oil

Tortilla soup  200

Chicken and tomato broth, fried tortillas, avocado, panela cheese, fried coriander

Fideo seco   160

Panfried noodles in tomato and chipotle sauce, goat cheese, herbs



Trout with green pipian  380

Potatoes, tender pumpkins, toasted pumpkin seeds

Pork jowl pozole  330

Broth of dried chilies, corn, radish, lettuces, fresh oregano

Black sea bass  420

Black recado sauce. Coriander risotto, roasted baby corn

Lamb ossobuco in drunken sauce  500

Baked for 12 hours, warm rice and chickpea salad, avocado purée and hoja santa

Suckling pig pibil  580

Pickled onion, charred habanero sauce, hand corn tortillas, black beans

Angus short rib  550

Braised in red mole, vegetables from the orchard, baked sweet potato

Beef barbacoa  360

Cooked in a wood oven overnight. Fresh corn tortilla, avocado, beans, rice salad

Rock cornish with mole  340

Poblano mole, banana chips, rice

Huanzontle cakes  350

Stuffed with oaxaca cheese, red mole, potatoes and tender pumpkins

The Classics

Alea burger 320

Angus beef, oaxaca cheese, guacamole, caramelized onion, lettuce, chipotle mayonnaise. Fries

Three cheeses & shrimp ravioli  260

Cream and garlic sauce

Seed crusted tuna  360

Cucumber salad, tomato, avocado, quinoa, herbs, jalapeño dressing

Chicken breast  280

Grilled with vegetables from the orchard and rice.
Morita chili sauce

Quesadilla from the “comal” 190

Fresh corn tortilla, oaxaca cheese, guacamole, tatemada sauce,

Chicken  230                             Shrimp  260

Wine Menu


All prices are in local currency and include taxes



 Moët Impérial, Moët et Chandon, Francia.    2500

Nectar Impérial, Moët et Chandon, Francia    2700

Veuve Clicquot Brut, Reims, Francia    3000


Cava Codorniu Clasico Brut, España     960


Sauvignon Blanc, Arrogant Frog, Languedoc, France   760

Muga Blanco, Rioja, España    1050

Pinot Grigio, Beringer, USA   660

Chateau Ste. Michelle, Chardonnay, USA    1100

Sauvignon Blanc, Corona del Valle, México.   1200

Plan B, Chardonnay Bruma, Valle de Guadalupe, México  1100

2V, Casa Madero, Valle de Parras, México   750

Colección Privada, Chardonnay, Navarro Correas, Argentina   840

Chenin Blanc, Valle de Tintos, Ensenada, México  1300


Le Poussin Rosé, Vin de France, Francia   900

Clos Mistinguett, Domaine du noyer, Cru classé de Provence, Francia     1500

Casa Madero V, Cabernet Sauvignon, Valle de Parras, México   800

Heredia, Montepulciano-Sangiovese, Bodegas F. Rubio, México    1200


Muga Reserva, Rioja, España    1750

Pinot Noir, Arrogant Frog, Languedoc, France   760

Chianti DOC, Placido, Italia    700

Rodney Strong, Knotty Vines, USA    1900

Tempranillo-Nebbiolo Corona del Valle, Valle de Guadalupe, Mexico     1850                                   

Cabernet Sauvignon, Casa Madero, Valle de Parras, México    1000

Plan B, Mourvédre-Grenache, Bruma, Valle de Guadalupe, México  1200

3V, Casa Madero, Valle de Parras, México   1100

Saeta, Corona del Valle, Valle de Guadalupe, Mexico     1150

Malbec, Corona del Valle, Valle de Guadalupe, Mexico 2100

El Intruso Red Blend, Henry Lurton, Valle de Guadalupe, México   1150

Catena Malbec, Mendoza, Argentina  1250


Cocteles – Cocktails

All prices are in local currency and include taxes


Margarita   200

Tequila, limón, sal.

Tequila, lemon, salt.

Clásica, de fresa, mango, tamarindo o Blue Sky

Classic, strawberry, mango, tamarind or Blue Sky

Pink Bull   280

Ginebra Bulldog, fresa, limón, agua quina

Bulldog Gin, strawberry, lime, tonic water

Poblano   280

Ancho reyes, grand marnier, limón, naranja

Ancho chili liqueur, grand marnier, lime, orange

Piñacoco   200

Ron, agua de coco, infusión de piña

Rum, coconut water, pineapple infusion

Mezcalina    240

Mezcal, ancho reyes, piña, jarabe de Jamaica, limón, naranja, sal de Jamaica

Mezcal, ancho chili liqueur, pineapple, hibiscus syrup, lime, orange, hibiscus salt

Ginebra rosa   280

Bulldog, apérol, toronja, limón, sal rosada

Bulldog, apérol, grapefruit, lime, pink salt

Melon slice   220

Ancho reyes, midori, limón, perfume de habanero, sal

Ancho chili liqueur, midori, lime, habanero perfume, salt

Negroni de mezcal   280

Mezcal, campari, Martini rosso, jarabe de romero

Mezcal, campari, Martini rosso, Rosemary syrup

Cocomint    200

Ron Malibu, di Saronno, menta, limón, agua mineral

Malibu rum, di Saronno, mint, lime, sparkling water

Martinis    240

Gin, vermouth extra dry.

Chocolate  240

Vodka, martini rosso, chocolate

Cosmopolitan  220

Vodka, cranberry juice, orange liquor

Espresso  240

Vodka, martini rosso, baileys, kahlua, coffee

Liquor, Liqueurs and Digestives

Spirits & Liqueurs

All prices are in local currency and include taxes

Vodka 1.5 oz.

Tito´s  230

Absolut  160

Grey goose  260

Stolichnaya  160

Gin 1.5 oz.

Beefeater 190

Bombay  220

Bulldog  240

Hendrick´s  280

Tanqueray  220

Mezcal 1.5 oz.

Amores cupreata papalote  260

Bruxo #1  240

Ojo de tigre espadin-tobala  280

Bruxo pechuga  260

Amores reposado  250

Verde momento espadin  180

Alacrán espadin  220

400 conejos espadin   210

Alipus San Andres joven  260

Bruxo receta inicial  200

Amores joven  230

Tequila 1.5 oz.

Don Julio 1942 añejo  650

1800 añejo   240

Don Julio añejo  260

Reserva de la familia reposado  280

1800 reposado  210

Don Julio reposado  230

Jimador Reposado  130

1800 cristalino  270

Don Julio 70  280

Casa Dragones blanco   380

1800 blanco   200

Don Julio blanco  240

Rum 1.5 oz.

Zacapa 23  260

Flor de caña 7 years  160

Habana club 7 years  160

Sailor Jerry  180

Bacardi Blanco  120

Capitán Morgan  120

Flor de caña 4 years  130

Habana club 3 years  120

Malibu  130

Whisky 1.5 oz.

J.W. blue label  950

Chivas regal 12 years  260

Macallan 12 years single malt   380

Buchanan´s 12 years  260

Jameson  200

J.W. red label  170

J.W. black label   260

Jack Daniel´s  200

Fireball  210

Cognac 1.5 oz.

Hennessy VSOP   350

Brandy 1.5 oz.

Torres 10   160

Liqueur & Digestives 1.5 oz.

Ancho reyes rojo   160

Ancho reyes verde  160

Aperol  160

Bailey´s  180

Cachaza pitu  140

Campari  170

Chinchon dulce  140

Cointreau  250

Disaronno  220

Frangelico  180

Grand marnier  260

Kahlua  160

Licor 43  200

Midori  190

Vaccari nero sambuca  180

Sambuca vaccari  170

Jägermeister  200


Xtabentun  140 


Beer, Wine By The Glass and Speciality Coffee Drinks

Beer,  Wine by the glass and Specialty Coffee Drinks

All prices are in local currency and include taxes

Cerveza – Beer

Nacional- Domestic  70

Sol, Dos Equis lager, Dos Equis Ambar, Indio

Bohemia clara, Bohemia oscura

Importada -Imported

Heineken Cero  70

Heineken, Amstel ultra  80

Craft – Artesanales  180

Rio de lumbre IPA

Piedra lisa IPA

Páramo Pale Ale 

Vino por copa – Wine by the glass

Espumoso – Sparkling

Cavas cordoniu – Clásico Brut. Spain  240

Blanco – White

Chardonnay – Navarro correas, Argentina  210

Sauvignon Blanc – Arrogant Frog, France  190

Pinot Grigio  Beringer USA  165

Rosado – Rosé

Le Poussin Rosé –  Vin de France, France  225

Tinto – Red

Pinot Noir – Arrogant Frog, France  190

Cabernet Sauvignon, Casa Madero, México  225

 Cafés Especialidades – Specialty coffee

Café irlandés/Irish coffee  240

Espresso, whisky, baileys, whipped cream.

Café Español/Spanish coffee  240

Espresso, brandy, triple sec, kahlúa

Café Maya/Mayan coffee  220

Espresso, xtabentun, brandy. Canela  cinnamon

Carajillo  240


Iced espresso, licor 43

Soft Drinks, Water, Coffee and Tea

Soft Drinks, Water Coffee and Tea

All prices are in local currency and include taxes

 Refrescos – Soft Drinks

Refresco – Soda  60

Coca-Cola, Sprite, Coca-Cola Light

Limonada – Lemonade  60

Naranjada – Orangeade  60

Licuados – Smoothies   100


Plátano, chocolate, fresa – Banana, chocolate, strawberry


Bebidas energéticas – Energy drinks

Red bull 250 ml  180

Red bull sugar free 250 ml 180

Agua – Water

Zoe  Agua sin gas – Still Water 375 ml – 140

Agua de Piedra – Still or Sparkling 600 ml – 160

Zoe  Agua sin gas – Still Water 750 ml – 190

Café – Coffee

Cappuccino, Latte  70

Espresso  50

Americano  50

Té – Tea  70