Important Information COVID-19 Hygiene and Precautions


At Mereva and Alea Tulum, by Blue Sky, the safety and security of our guests and team members remains our highest priority.

Recently some countries have implemented the requirement for their citizens to present a negative test for Coronavirus Covid-19 (NAAT/PCR or antigens) in order to authorize their return to their country of origin.

The hotels Mereva and Alea Tulum, as the Mexican Caribbean, have prevention, detection and care protocols for Covid-19, and a network of hospitals and clinical analysis laboratories that perform such tests. Our hospitality team will gladly give you all the required information regarding such establishments, costs and results timings.

The Secretary of Tourism has established the Mexican Caribbean Clean & Safe Check Certification which establishes and ensures compliance of good sanitary practices within tourist facilities, in order to provide confidence and certainty to all tourists. The hotels that are certified have specific protocols for diverse situations that could arise.

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Health before all,

Our number one priority is your health, security and well being, we are monitoring the developments of this situation and follow closely all recommended best practices by global organizations including the World Health Organization (WHO), Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and relevant authorities for Mexican requirements, to ensure the actions we take are comprehensive and suitable.

At our hotels, Mereva Tulum and Alea Tulum, by Blue Sky, we have committed towards the security and safety of our team members and clients in a COVID-19 world and beyond.

This commitment includes the reinforcement of our comprehensive health and security procedures as the communication to our teams of the best practices and guidelines and have supplemented these resources with additional COVID-19 cleanliness specific guidance, training and information consistent with our own high standards.

  • Hand hygiene: Although already of common practice in the industry, proper and frequent handwashing has been reinforced within our teams, this been vital to prevent the spread of viruses. In our daily briefings, our teams are reminded that cleanliness starts with this simple act. It is important for their health and our guests’.
  • Cleaning products and protocols: We have consulted our well recognized cleaning products partner for their advice on the most suitable disinfection products for each application as for their recommendations on additional steps to apply against any type of virus.
  • Public areas: We have increased the frequency of cleaning and disinfecting public spaces, with a focus on the front desk counter, the lounge, bar counter, public restrooms, surroundings of swimming pools and even room keys. In the same manner, presence of sanitizing gel was incremented in several points of these areas.
  • Guest rooms: In addition to usual ones, we have increased protocols of cleaning and disinfection that are applied daily, after a guest departs and before the next one arrives, with a particular attention paid to high contact surfaces and items.
  • Back of the house areas: In the spaces where the team works, we increased the frequency of cleaning, focusing on high contact surfaces as the employee cafeteria, lockers, offices and areas of food and beverage production.

For guests who want to obtain more information about the status at national or world level of this situation, they can consult the official websites of the Government of Quintana Roo.

The World Health Organization

The United States Disease Control and Prevention Centre and